The M2 is the natural successor to the best 'M' car of all time - the E30 M3.


Being the smallest and lightest of the current 'M' cars, it lends itself very well to sensible tuning and refining creating the ultimate point-to-point BMW.


As with most cars today, it is relatively heavy for its size but is responsive to minor chassis changes to bring about significant improvements in handling and poise.


Evo2 Motorsport has taken a different approach to most tuners and has not chased ‘the ultimate bhp number.’ Our goal is to get the maximum driving benefit from the engine. To achieve this, we focused our attention on making significant improvements in the amount of torque the engine produces and how it is delivered. The results are very impressive.


Starting with a lightweight titanium CAT and exhaust, the car has dropped approximately 30 kgs. At the same time, it provides a free-flowing superb sound system to support an all carbon induction system with much more available airflow.


"A Day on the Rolling Road" shows some very interesting statistics. A back-to-back test of two standard M2’s showed that both were significantly down from the manufacturers claimed bhp and torque. Contributing factors that may have impacted the test include the age of the cars and the type of fuel used. Both cars were relatively new at the time, having only couple of thousand miles in each case. Each car was also running on standard fuel versus premium fuel. The changes made to the titanium exhaust, lightweight CAT's, and bigger induction, drastically improve the performance.

The real change, however, came in specific mapping of the cars ECU. Unlike ‘bolt-on-boxes,' the re-map can be tailored to a considerable level with the right skills and experience by balancing power and the increase in torque, while maintaining sensible fuel economy.  The M2 has a pretty small fuel tank. In standard form, the range is not great, either. Any adverse changes to the driving range will likely mean two to three fill-ups a week!  After modifications made by Evo2 Motorsport, the end result is a car with 410 bhp and a torque curve akin to Ayres Rock. With all things considered, it still manages 28-32 mpg when driven normally.


The real-world driving experience is superb. Riding the torque wave on free flowing 'A' roads is a joy and reminiscent of far more powerful 'super cars.' Changing from Comfort to Sport mode is now much more pronounced. The sound and the sense of pace and performance are much more evident, as well.


The chassis has been modified in several ways. It was lowered by 30 mm all around by using progressive springs. We paid close attention to the ideal set up which is slightly more front and rear camber. We also made marginal changes to front toe-in to make this car a very compliant ride with outstanding early turn-in, in both wet and dry conditions.


The car has a number of optical tuning improvements. The truly stunning blue carbon engine cover and full induction system is world class. The exterior has a number of subtle but eye catching carbon parts, with the custom bonnet being the most obvious .

Aesthetically, the car looks superb.  The stance is just right on its 19” semi-forged and much wider front and rear multi-spoke wheels and Michelin Pilot Cup tires.

BMW already builds fabulous and in-demand 'M' cars, however, Evo2 Motorsport has made the M2 even more desirable. We can tailor the car to your very specific requirements if time and budget allow. Take our word for it, it's well worth it!