BMW M2 Competition - "Red Edition"

BMW M2 Competition - "Red Edition"


The BMW M2 Competition has already earned its place in MSport legend.


It is widely recognised as the best M car since the Iconic E30 M3 edition of the late 80’s and is without a doubt one of the best driving experiences available today.


Evo2 Motorsport is very familiar with the E30 M3. We owned both race and road versions and won many races over a three-year period with both BTCC and DTM versions. 

Two unique road cars developed by Evo2 Motorsport (a 2.5L DTM for the road and an E30 M3 2.5L convertible) gave many thousands of miles of driving pleasure.


We wanted to build on that experience and have developed the M2 Competition - “Red Edition” you see here. We believe it is the ultimate specification for this iconic car and elevates its status to one of our all-time greats!


At a cost of £86,400 ($112,000) it has not been a cheap exercise, but the desire for perfection rarely is. 


Acquired new by us in late 2019, the factory specification is extensive and consists of:


OEM options;


Sapphire black with black/blue Dakota leather with perforation

Comfort Pack - reversing camera, easy access, folding/anti-dazzle mirrors, electric seats with memory Bluetooth and wireless charging

MDCT seven speed 

MSport braking system

Electric glass sunroof

Through loading system

BMW adaptive headlights

High beam assist

Harman Kardon hifi

Apple Car Play

WIFI hotspot

Speed limit display


And then the fun started! We wanted to improve the M2 Competition in three ways:

  • Performance tuning

  • Optical tuning

  • Comfort and usability


Performance Tuning

Full rolling road custom remap to 528 BHP and 553ft/torque which is unique to Evo2 Motorsport

Mobile phone managed torque per gear settings

Mobile phone managed ‘burble overrun’

Full AST 12-point adjustable coil over suspension (supple ride but can be set from mild to track with easy to use one click system)

Full under bonnet blue carbon induction system, engine cover, stress bar and bonnet lining

Full DTUK mobile phone throttle management system

Full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system (front to rear) with Carbon tips (sound superb) and  M button steering wheel flap control

Optical Tuning

Lightweight bonnet with inset carbon vents

Motorsport front and side carbon aero

Red Competition badges on gloss back side flashes

Red rear M2 badge

Custom carbon rear screen diffuser

Custom rear carbon boot spoiler

Custom real carbon lower diffuser with third brake light

Red  MSport brake calipers (not available from BMW)

Red line on mirrors

Red E2 badging

Unique light and balanced tinted windows

Custom fit 19"semi-forged wheels in gloss black, TPMS and carbon valve caps


Comfort and Usability

Steering wheel fuel map control (95/99 octane)

OEM Digital Sport Performance gauges remapped to show power and torque increases

Custom aluminum larger red paddle shits/red M buttons/red wheel detailing

Alcantara steering wheel with TDC red leather band.

ECUTEC Bluetooth interface to via USB port to provide full engine performance/stats/data and DTC reset

Custom central LCD screen with options to set 0-60 times etc. 

Blue ‘mood’ lighting in footwells

Custom carbon door locks with M logo

Genuine ‘Competition’ badge in centre console

Custom made pedal set with inset genuine MSport logo in footrest and widened brake pedal for easier left foot braking

Hardwired/integrated laser diffuser/garage opener

Hard wired Road Angel

Teletrac/Navman anti-theft model TM470 

Factory over-mats front and rear

The end result is a car that performs better, rides better, sounds better, and in our opinion looks better - the three core  values all car tuners look for when creating a new take on an already great platform!